LKE offers you an extensive product portfolio of light-metal containers, cage trolleys, all-purpose collectors as well as  shelf/trolley systems and hand-trucks. With our products range you are always well-equipped.

  • All-Purpose Collectors

    All-Purpose Collectors

    • hygienic collection
    • plastic and stainless steel
    • for all types of bag
    • Accessories: Laundry bags
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  • Containers


    • Lightweight metal and plastic containers
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  • Shelf / Table Trolleys

    Shelf / Table Trolleys

    • different sizes
    • plastic/aluminium/stainless steel
    • ergonomic
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  • Double-decker trolley plus

    Double-decker trolley plus

    • upper level slewable to both sides
    • loading/unloading on both sides
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  • Roll / Cage Containers for the Textile Logistics

    Roll / Cage Containers for the Textile Logistics

    • nestable
    • anti-theft wire containers
    • fine and wide-meshed
    • different dimensions
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  • Roll / Cage Containers for the Postal Logistics

    Roll / Cage Containers for the Postal Logistics

    • letter tray trolley
    • parcel roll container
    • parcel trolley
    • mail delivery trolley
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  • Shelving and Trolley Systems

    Shelving and Trolley Systems

    • systematic collection
    • sorting, stacking
    • storage
    • variable
    • hygienic
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  • Roll Containers

    Roll Containers

    • nestable & anti-theft
    • different types & dimensions
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  • Cabinet Trolleys

    Cabinet Trolleys

    • aluminium
    • mobile modular cabinet
    • lockable with bolt
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  • Platform Trolleys

    Platform Trolleys

    •  150 kg and 300 kg load capacity
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  • Mail Delivery Carts

    Mail Delivery Carts

    • height-adjustable handle with bell
    • transport of boxes/bags
    • hydraulic parking brake
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  • Document and Sorting Trolleys

    Document and Sorting Trolleys

    • post distribution
    • individual adjustments
    • extensive accessories
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  • HERKULEX Hand Trucks

    HERKULEX Hand Trucks

    • easy transport of heavy goods
    • load capacity of approx. 90-350 kg.
    • low weight (aluminium)
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