HERKULEX Hand Trucks

LKE hand trucks are manufactured from a range of materials. Combining aluminium and plastic guarantees great flexibility, stability and safety.

Folding or static; with soft-touch, solid rubber wheels or pneumatic rubber tyres
the extensive range of accessories completes the numerous different versions of hand trucks.

The ideal solution for all logistical operations.

  • Beverages Truck

    Beverages Truck

    • individual parts exchangeable
    • TÜV-tested
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  • Luggage and Parcel Hand Trucks

    Luggage and Parcel Hand Trucks

    • optionally with skid
    • hinged / fold-up toeplates
    • optionally with rows of holes for hooking on mesh baskets
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  • Folding Trucks

    Folding Trucks

    • foldaway to save space
    • partly with rubber ratchet strap
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  • Accessories hand trucks

    Accessories hand trucks

    • Box retaining clip
    • SLC boxes & letterboxes with lid covers
    • wire mesh baskets
    • advertising panel with logo
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