Roll Containers

Our roll containers have in use on a daily basis in the most wide-ranging industries for years, for example in the hotel industry, in post distribution and sorting, in the beverage industry, right up to in printing and public administration.

Available with or without motors – our transport trolleys are high-quality and guarantee a long lifespan.

Different models have been developed especially with your logistical needs in mind.

  • Ecoflex Variations

    Ecoflex Variations

    • individually customisable
    • flexible
    • versatile
    • easy handling
    • shelves
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  • Roll / Cage Containers

    Roll / Cage Containers

    • warehouse trolley
    • order-picking trolley
    • SLC trolley
    • letter containers
    • ergonomic transport
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  • Euro-Line E1

    Euro-Line E1

    • manoeuvrable
    • easy to handle
    • can be hitched together to form trains (coupling & drawbar can be retrofitted)
    • Euro size
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  • Roloflex


    • nestable
    • shelves and doors can be retrofitted
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  • Evoflex


    • nestable
    • hinged wooden bottom
    • grab handles
    • mechanical braking
    • optional: lockable 
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  • SLC-Euro-Trolleys


    • 1300x600x1640 mm
    • grab handle with brake
    • central braking & locking device
    • fork lift truck loading
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  • SLC Platform Dolly

    SLC Platform Dolly

    • for standard SLC boxes
    • different standard sizes
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  • MODULette® 2.0

    MODULette® 2.0

    • 1200x1000x1880 mm
    • nestable
    • with coupling/drawbar
    • theft-proof design
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  • Double-Decker Trolley Plus

    Double-Decker Trolley Plus

    • upper level slewable to both sides
    • loading/unloading on both sides
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  • Euro-Stacker


    • stackable
    • versatile
    • numerous possible uses
    • optional: can be hitched together to form trains 
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  • L2003


    • suitable for heavy loads
    • nestable
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  • Luggage and Transport Trolley

    Luggage and Transport Trolley

    • Luggage trolley/mobile coat rack
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