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The parcel roll containers MODULette® and MODULette® Safe range of containers have been tailored by the LKE experts to provide smooth execution of all transportation jobs in parcels logistics. The sturdy wall construction, a stable, plastic base with a load-bearing capacity of 600 kg, and the standard LKE-patented clutch and drawbar system for container trains, this roll container can be easily manouevred with a minimum of effort even when fully loaded. 

One particular product highlight is the patented energy accumulator for the locking system which allows the heavy transport wagon to be easily jacked up for truck loading. When locked, the rear wheels are raised completely off the ground to ensure excellent self-locking and highly reliable stability of the roll container on truck loading ramps or tailgates. 



Another space-saving feature is the design of the foot pedal which allows unloaded transport wagons on return journeys to be pushed or stacked into each other. The base is kept raised by means of spring force; no other means of locking is required. Pushed and nested together ensures a 60 per cent reduction in volume when transporting empty containers within a transport system.



Easy handling for loading and unloading processes

Move the parcel roll container MODULette® to the place of loading, push it through and then pull it back a little. When doing this, the wheels are turned 180 degrees so that they are in the correct position for transport after loading. In this way, even when the parcel roll container MODULette® is completely loaded, it can be moved manually without excessive effort. Otherwise, when fully loaded, it would require much more strength to turn the wheels into the desired position.


safety locking device on the roof                                             safety mechanism on the door

double hinges allow doors to be opened up to 270°                 easy base operation

The SAFE version of the MODULette® parcel roll container features standardwise a sturdy top cover and a slewable door construction. If required, this version can also be supplied with an additional intermediate floor. An integrated safety locking device on the cover and two safety locks on the front doors make sure that particularly valuable freight reaches the respective recipients safely and undamaged. 

MODULette® Accessories

with shelf                                                               with cover