Ergonomic transport solutions 

for handling letters and parcels

If operating procedures are to run smoothly and trouble-free, measures must be taken to minimize the strain on the operator's health by providing him or her with an ergonmically designed worklplace.

The aim of such measures is to increase the efficiency of each employee whilst observing legal occupational health and safety requirements. Should an employee be unfit for work for a longer period of time because of chronic health problems, back trouble or occupational accidents this means considerable, almost incalculable costs, for the company.

The causes of injury are manifold – a false movement, the avoidable lifting of tools, materials and boxes of materials, or incorrect handling procedures on assembly lines. It is therefore important that employees are given the proper tools for their work to provide them with the best possible protection against having to take days off because of work-related sickness or injury and at the same time to increase the level of safety in the workplace.

LKE has made the topic of „ergonomics at the workplace” its business and has designed products appropriate to meet these high requirements


The tried-and-tested mail delivery carts Trio, Quattro and Vario have now been joined by the mail delivery cart Klappi (Trio+). LKE supplies this latest addition to the delivery cart range to accommodate three standard letter containers. Another special feature of the Trio+ mail delivery cart is that it is com- pletely collapsible for easy parking and storage.

When designing the new delivery cart LKE engineers concentrated partic- ularly on its ergonomic properties. The trolley is easy to manoeuvre as the handle is covered with anti-slip rubber and can be progressively adjusted to fit the body height of the mail deliverer.  




The “Montiflex“ sorting trolley made by LKE GmbH perfects the range of products. The workplace can be adapted ergonomically to take away strain and load on the operator’s back in both a seated or standing position.

Whether in use in production, assembly or sorting activities the trolley is extremely versatile and serves to keep assembly lines and working places orderly.

The trolley is especially suitable for accommodating plastic crates, sheet steel crates and wire cages (so-called small load containers). The incline and height of the tray is infinitely adjustable and the angle of incline can be set in four stages from 10° to a maximum of 40°. 

The height of the “Montiflex“ sorting trolley can be adjusted by hand in seven stages in graduations of up to 240 mm with a max.                      “Montiflex“ sorting trolley

bearing load of 50 kg. The basic frame is made of robust, clean-weld and screwed rectangular tubular elements, powder-coated in gentian blue, RAL 50120.
The handle welded onto the front of the trolley allows better manoeuvring. The running gear of the sorting and table trolley consists of four swivel castors, each 100 mm in diameter, two of which can be locked by means of a stopper. As the height and incline are progressively adjustable, the trolley provides the very best conditions for ergonomic handling at the workplace.